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Skincare – About Goddess Oils

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Skincare using Goddess Oils was created out of the ideal of, “Returning to the Divine Feminine”. As a company I believe every woman is a goddess and our beautiful planet has all that we need to heal and strengthen us. I started with a processing facility in Spokane Valley in 2016, creating many different cannabis products, eventually realizing I wanted to focus on the homeopathic qualities of the plant. Transitioning from cannabis to hemp where the psychotropic properties are removed leaving all the amazing therapeutic qualities. I began to add concentrated CBD to my facial oils, creating dramatic results. Once the CBD absorbed into the skin, I saw nourishing, healing, suppleness, regeneration and a youthful glow like nothing I’ve seen on the market. No more chemicals, unhealthy toxic latent products, just pure nectar from mother earth.
It is my intention as a company to bring skincare healing, love and light to all goddesses.

Goddess, Aracelis

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