The Benefits of CBD Infused Oils

4 Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Your Skin

benefits of CBD oil

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid product derived from the naturally found chemicals in marijuana plants. A common misconception about CBD on the radar is the controversy surrounding recreational marijuana use and its confusion for creating the “high” feeling.

However, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that causes the sensation of getting “high” and shouldn’t be confused with CBD. With growing awareness about the continuous benefits of CBD usage, it is gaining momentum among people for the right reasons. One of the most common products that have been highlighted is CBD-infused oil.

CBD oil is made by diluting hemp seed oil or other essential oils with CBD extract. The product has gained quite a popularity ever since people have started to discover how easy it is to use and incorporate in one’s daily life in addition to the amazing benefits it has.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits CBD oil reaps.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Believe it or not but the pain-relieving qualities of marijuana have been backed by science and associated with mainly CBD. Hence, CBD oil is great for pain relief, and direct application to an affected area will be even more beneficial.

Studies show that the human body has a specialized system called the endocannabinoid system or ECS that regulates our sleep, pain receptors, appetite, and immune system response. CBD helps reduce chronic pain by impacting the ECS and neurotransmitters responsible for pain and providing pain relief effectively.

However, it is always better to talk to a professional before administering any medication or recreational product against severe situations like chronic pain or injuries. Self-administering any drug can be misleading and should be condemned at all costs.

CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders that can range from mild to severe effects on the person’s mental well-being. They often can impact a patient separately but mostly go hand in hand as they lead to another.

There may still not be a cure for anxiety or depression, but certain activities and products like CBD oil are great for relief against the disorders. While many pharmaceutical products are available as treatment, they all come with a number of side effects like insomnia and agitation.

CBD oil is an organic treatment compared to other medications with little to no side effects, which is why many people have shown interest in trying it out. Studies suggest that CBD changes how our brain responds to serotonin and helps reduce stress, lifting symptoms of PTSD that become a leading cause of anxiety and depression in the first place.

CBD Oil for Skin Care and Acne

According to medical resources, more than 9% of people suffer from acne, making it a common skin condition, especially in teenagers and young adults. At the same time, there might be many factors that become a leading cause for it. One of them is access production of sebum, the oil secreted by our sebaceous glands in the skin responsible for hydration.

Studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can have great effects against acne and can even reduce the overproduction of sebum. While it is best to consult a dermatologist before using CBD oil directly for acne, the results have been promising.

That is why many popular cosmetic and skincare brands have launched their CBD skincare line. It is a good step forward as far as research, and safe use is concerned. As the products would contain CBD-infused oils and properties, but in mild quantities, a CBD skincare routine is a good start.

CBD Oil for Neuroprotective Properties

The neuroprotective properties found in the CBD oil compound can significantly affect neurodegenerative diseases or disorders directly linked to brain and nerve deterioration. Even though this matter is still under wraps for research and concluding results have yet to be discovered, studies have shown that the verdict might favor CBD products, including CBD oil.

In a study, CBD oil spray was used on children with Dravet syndrome, which a complex childhood epilepsy disorder. The CBD oil spray significantly impacted and reduced the seizure activity for the children. Many similar studies have been conducted with promising results, but it is an ongoing process and some time to go till we can say surely that CBD can be used for its neuroprotective properties.

How Soon Can You Start Using CBD Oil?

One of the most commonly asked questions after learning about the immense benefits that CBD oil can have is how soon one can start using CBD oil as a regular product. The answer simply is as soon as you feel yourself leaning towards giving CBD oil a try but not without proper consultation from a professional.

As much as recreational use of CBD is being popularized, it is equally important to highlight the need to have proper professional advice and opinion and not administer CBD oil or products by yourself. As for how CBD oil is used, it is directly related to what it is being used for. It is important to take the respective professional’s advice about making CBD a part of your regular lifestyle.

Where to Find CBD Oils?

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